What is love for a boy? Well, this is that basic question every girl forgets to ask herself. And later when everything gets over between them, she tries to put all the blame onto the boy. Isn’t it wrong to do so? Should not the girl have tried to understand the boy before accepting him in her life? Is it really okay to leave a guy just because she could not understand him?

Well, many people think that love is same for both, boys and girls. But, how can their feelings in love be same when they themselves are not made the same by mother nature? To be honest, it’s a huge matter of debate. And I think anybody would hardly find any proper answer to this. Anyway, we should leave this matter right here and let me tell you, how a boy feels when he is in real love. And one more thing! I am not making any claims like I’m 100% right, this is going to happen, nothing else can happen and bla bla bla. But most of the boys generally feel something like this for their beloved ones. So let’s see!

  1. Boys Become Like Coconut. When a boy falls in love, the first change that you can notice in him is, he would become softer from inside, but stronger from outside, just like a coconut. It means he will become kind-hearted, peaceful, devotee etc, but will also be strong by emotions, beliefs, decisions etc. Because love is something that makes us soft from inside and strong from outside. Believe it or not, it does make sense. If you can’t see such a change in a guy who says to have fallen in love, then he probably has got some kinda infatuation which is obviously not going to lead the couple to a healthy & happy relationship.
  2. Day Dreaming. In most of the cases, a boy definitely becomes a day dreamer in love. Well, many of them don’t accept it in public, may be because of their typical male ego, but it’s actually something that they can’t help if they have really found their soulmates. That’s why, his entire attention constantly moves towards anything that relates to his beloved one. I know, day dreaming is not actually love, but it does show how much the boy is serious about his love partner & also about his loyalty towards her.
  3. Sleeplessness. Sometimes, a true lover often becomes so much excited in day dreaming that it takes away his night’s dreams also. I mean, he becomes prone to sleeplessness. Don’t worry, he is becoming an insomniac. It’s just that the awesome feeling of love just does not let him feel tired. That’s what takes him a long time on bed before sleep. Even though it wastes his time, but he never feels bad for it.
  4. Gets Closer to Friends and Family. True love changes every aspect of one’s life, especially when it’s a guy. It not only gives him a good personality, high level of confidence etc, but also makes him a good human being as a whole. As a result, he simply gets closer to his friends and family.

Basically, what it means is, Love is a life changing experience for a guy that improves his personality, makes him social and keeps him in a dreamy world with his partner.

So, this was my observation about the love for men. So why don’t you leave a comment below with your opinion, thoughts, idea, suggestion, tip or whatever you want to share with us. We’ll soon get back to you. Thanks for reading this article! Enjoy your day!

  • Sagar Srivastava

    You do write quite well. I felt almost like everything u mentioned apart from just the last one “Gets Closer to Friends And Family”.